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Enclosed is a brief overview of the International Association's main research activities. The Association is a nonprofit Pharmaceutical and Medical Drug Research Development Association dedicated to the overall development and research of key generic and innovative (auto-immune category of) drugs and metabolic pathways. Administration is undertaken by the Association's General Secretary.

IAGIM conducts own drug development and undertakes partnership and business-to-business relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, (both generic and innovative with an emphasis on auto-immune classifications) pharmaceutical associations, MOHs, investment banks, pharma consultants and research universities (via the OVP Program) and associated R&D affiliations in over 150 major countries (from Argentina to Zimbabwe).

The Association as a technology association (nonprofit) develops innovative and generic drug products, product formula & process validated manufacturing processes, in-process release and stability product specifications, dissolution and stability profiles and administrates joint venture projects between association members, research universities, international agencies and pharma and medical affiliations.

The Association sponsors an international OVPP (Overseas Visiting Professors Program) for IAGIM Research Staff and contributing scientists who are IAGIM member's to international research institutions in the US and Canada as well as from the US and Canada to the EU, P/RIM and Israeli institutions. Full accommodation is provided at a subsidized cost close to major research universities, teaching hospitals and research institutions of world acclaim, including two hearty meals per day, internal travel and computer and nominal printing facilities (via IAGIM university and university/public library cards - USA SunCard). Special rates for IAGIM and Associated Research Facilities for Research Scientists, Physicians and their spouses up to 30 - 45 days (additional 15- 30 day extensions available for researchers in specific key desirable pivotal areas of autoimmune research, on application).

The Association OVPP undertakes and presents two to fourteen day Auto-immune M/S R&D specific to the eighty one (81) AI Diseases; Drug Development Programs (including AI/MS); Regulatory Aspects; cGMP, GCP, and Drug Process Validation workshops in major European, US, Canadian and Pacific Rim centers. The Association is the governing body for the Drug Development Institute (Basel Switzerland) and the European and US Center of Drug Development. Both graduate and certification courses (one, two and three years) are offered by the Drug Development Institute and the Centers of Drug Development to undergraduate and post graduate students.

The association undertakes extensive ongoing development of analytical stability indicating methodology (HPLC/GC) and impurity profiles of important generic drugs from 1992 - 2015 (currently +296 bulk active and drug product validated and stress tested (stability indicating) analytical HPLC methods are on the association's database).
A leader in online database technology and auto-immune M/S R&D. IAGIM offers several unique and advanced online database services. IAGIM is a world leader in M/S R&D both in epigenetics, etiology, auto-immune pathways, human microbiota interactions, advanced protein chemistry, default protein folding, the diseases of protein's "failure to fold functionally" and neuro-immuno-epidemiology (N.I.E).

IAGIM Center
The association publishes bimonthly, via the web site's 'IAGIM Center', a technical drug development letter "Do's and Don'ts" - dealing with current drug development issues as well as providing accredited members access to the Associations Drug Development

IAGIM Members
Research archives on the worldwide web, designed for the registered IAGIM member, incorporates the latest audio, visual, power-point, database and PDF download technologies. IAGIM Research Data is available to Multicampus Pharmaceutical firms, Universities and Technicons (requiring multiple-user license) as well as single-use pharmaceutical firms and research institutions. Information may be downloaded by paid-up members - on demand via the member's private key code at the IAGIM Center on either LIG's US, Euro, Pacific Rim or the family of web sites. Selected Pre- and Post graduate students are sponsored by IAGIM Drug Institute, IAGIM Research and several related neurological industry and private associations on a one$-for-one$ dollar basis*. Tuition and tutorial course work require significant library reading and online R&D for which logs books are provided and represent validation of online and library R&D.
IAGIM Research uses modern communication programs such as Skype, Whatsup and Viber for its Continuing Adult Education (C.A.E.) Educational programs and offers advanced Neuro-immuno courses (e.g. Neuro 101, 201, 301 & 401 and Advanced Neuro A101, A201, A301 & A401 for post graduate professional students). Locum International C.A.E. USA and Locum International Canada are licensed for graduate and undergraduate studies - Head of Dept. of Neurology, Prof. Jeremy D. Block (N.I.E.)

Benefit Plans
Special drug development short and extended benefit plans and excellent discounts are provided with the associations Journals and Handbook of Generic Drug Development 24 volume Series.

The Association maintains exhaustive Drugs-Off-Patent files, sales figures (per drug per brand & generic firm) and tabulated lists to the year 2022 on its popular Online Drug Development Archives (free to members).

All published data, journals, handbooks and reports are available in color and B&W print,

Key Association Benefits :
Bimonthly Drug Development Letter - ' Dos & Don'ts ', see IAGIM Center

Access to the multinational databases such as the Global Active Material (API) Database of Active materials and Manufacturers with FDA DMFs (updated quarterly).
Databases are situated in the Drug Development Archives at the IAGIM Center

Exclusive membership purchasing to the Generic CMC High Tech Dossiers in the authoritative Know-how Generic Development in the '120+  READY-TO-GO CMC or Handbook' Series of key generic drug titles from Azithromycin to Ziac.  

Drug Development Archives at the IAGIM Center.

Subscription discounts on the 24 volume Handbook Series of Generic Development -

Subscription member discounts on the:-
Int. Journal of Generic Drugs
Int. Journal of Drug Development Series (Specialist journals)
Int. Journal of Drug R&D
Int. Journal of Drug Formulation
Int. Journal of Generic Registration
Int. Journal of Formula & Processes
Int. Journal of Process Validation
Int. Journal of Drug cGMP
Int. Journal of Food & Wine cGMP
Int. Journal of Food & Wine R&D.

Int. Journal of MS Epigenetics - Multiple Sclerosis
Int. Journal of MS R&D -
Multiple Sclerosis
Int. Journal of MS Epidemiology - Multiple Sclerosis
Int. Journal of Auto-immune diseases.

Int. Journal of Drug Development - Solid Oral Dosage Forms
Int. Journal of Drug Development - Liquid Oral Dosage Forms
Int. Journal of Drug Development - Oral Tablets (IR ; MR ; CR)
Int. Journal of Drug Development - Oral Hard & Soft Gelatin Capsules (IR ; ER)
Int. Journal of Drug Development - Oral Liquid Dosage Forms (Liq.& Suspensions)
Int. Journal of Drug Development - Sterile Dosage Forms
Int. Journal of Drug Development - Inhalation Dosage Forms (MDI & DPI).

Electronic Int. J. of Generic Drugs
Electronic Int. J. of Drug Development Series (Specialist journals)
Electronic Int. J. of Drug R&D
Electronic Int. Journal of Drug Formulation
Electronic Int. Journal of Generic Registration
Electronic Int. Journal of Formula & Processes
Electronic Int. Journal of Process Validation

Electronic Int. J. of Drug cGMP
Electronic Int. J. of Food & Wine cGMP
Electronic Int. J. of Food & Wine R&D

Complimentary journal advertising privileges.
Free Access to Drug Development Archive Data
Free monthly e-mail Drug Development Data (as per allowed quota)
Low membership prices for Drug Development Data (R-T-Go Series) & Reports.
Great Package Deals on multiple purchases of handbooks & journals etc.

Cleaning, Process and Analytical Validation Protocols available on request.

Key Off-Patent Generic Drug Profiles available to year 2022

IAGIM Generic Development Benefit and Plus Plans:
Bronze 3 | Silver 5 | Gold 7 | Platinum 10 | Diamond 15 years | DiamondPlus 20 years
Benefit Plans - valued at about four to five times the actual membership cost

IAGIM development systems will provide you the essential know-how you need to excel in your job. This gives you incredible depth of content to your desktop.

Terms and Conditions:
Dual-users (associated with universities / single or multicampus teaching institutions) or employed, teaching or conducting research and/or working in both academia and industry or in related or similar industries or institutions require a dual-user license for both the specific industry and general or specific academia use where students or research are involved.
Access codes to electronic databases (Titles 17, 19, 21 and technical or research publications and journals) are contingent and attached to the dual-user license conditions and linked to dual-user license registration in both institutions. Academic and teaching and consulting institutions require to obtain and purchase on a order specific basis, multiple-user rights linked to a multiple-user license registration for electronic database use in the applicable academic, teaching, consulting, library, remote or research facility. Such multiple-user licenses shall be valid for five years from the date of purchase of the supplied database and are electronically linked to access codes provided for use of the databases through USB memory keys (plug-ins), remote keys or electronic pass codes
. Registration with the IAGIM CCC is mandatory. All extended IAGIM plans, Drug Development Benefit Plans, Handbook Titles 17, 19 and 21 subscriptions and multiple International Journal subscriptions require mandatory registration with IAGIM USA for the length of the required Association membership period.
*Contact for details.

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