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Active Drug & Drug Product S.I. Assay List

Fully Qualified Validated Stability Indicating (S.I.) HPLC Assays and Impurity Profiles for Product Development; Process Qualification; Pivotal & Validation Studies (May include Dissolution & Uniformity of Content Assays - in HPLC, GC & UV as required

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A-005-2015 1-Alphahydroxycholecalciferol - REVIEW
A-010-2015 Acyclovir in Tabs/Caps   REVIEW
A-015-2015 Acyclovir creams   REVIEW
A-020-2015 Amlodipine   REVIEW
A-025-2015 Amoxicillin 250mg + 500mg Capsules   REVIEW
A-030-2015 Asprin & Codeine Phosphate   REVIEW
A-035-2015 Atenolol   REVIEW
A-040-2015 Azithromycin dihydrate- 250mg + 600mg Tabs/Suspension.   REVIEW
A-045-2015 Vitamin B1 + B6   REVIEW
A-050-2015 Vitamin B1 + B6 + B12   REVIEW
A-055-2015 Vitamin A, B1 B2 B6 B12 + C in tablets   REVIEW
A-060-2015 Vitamin B1 B2 B6 B12 + Lysine HCl + Nicotinamide   REVIEW
A-065-2015 BHA in solid / semisolid bases   REVIEW
A-070-2015 Benzocaine Hydrocorizone Acetate (in ointments)   REVIEW
A-075-2015 Benzoic acid in semisolid bases   REVIEW
A-080-2015 Betaine HCl + Pepsin   REVIEW
A-085-2015 Benzylkonium Chloride in liquid/semisolid bases   REVIEW
A-090-2015 Benzododecinium bromide   REVIEW
A-095-2015 Benzododecinium bromide in Timolol maleate   REVIEW
A-100-2015 Bifonazole Cream   REVIEW
A-105-2015 Bisadyle 5mg Tablets   REVIEW
A-110-2015 Brohexine HCl   REVIEW
A-115-2015 Brotizolam 0.25 Tablets   REVIEW
A-120-2015 Bromocriptine mesylate   REVIEW
A-125-2015 Buproprion 75mg + 100mg Tablets   REVIEW
A-130-2015 Buspirone HCl 5 + 10mg Tablets   REVIEW
A-135-2015 Candesartan cilexetil tablets 4, 8 & 16mg Tablets   REVIEW
A-140-2015 Carbamazepine Tabs 200mg / Chew Tabs 100mg   REVIEW
A-145-2015 Carbidopa and Levodopa 25/100 25/250mg Tablets   REVIEW
A-150-2015 Carvedilol   REVIEW
A-155-2015 Chloramphenicol (in 5% ointments)   REVIEW
A-160-2015 Chlorthalidone   REVIEW
A-165-2015 Chlorhexidine Gluconate in solutions   REVIEW
A-170-2015 Cimetidine   REVIEW
A-175-2015 Cinnarizine   REVIEW
A-180-2015 Cisapride   REVIEW
A-185-2015 Clindamycin   REVIEW
A-190-2015 Clobutan   REVIEW
A-195-2015 Clomiphene   REVIEW
A-200-2015 Clomipramine HCl   REVIEW
A-205-2015 Clonazepam   REVIEW
A-210-2015 Clotrimazole cream   REVIEW
A-215-2015 Cortisol   REVIEW
A-220-2015 Darodipine   REVIEW
A-225-2015 Dextropropoxyphene   REVIEW
A-230-2015 Diclofenac Na   REVIEW
A-235-2015 Diclofenac K   REVIEW
A-240-2015 Diflusinal   REVIEW
A-245-2015 Diltiazam 30 60 90120 & 240mg Tablets   REVIEW
A-250-2015 Diphenyhdramine + NH4Cl + Nipagin   REVIEW

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