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Active Drug & Drug Product S.I. Assay List

Fully Qualified Validated Stability Indicating (S.I.) HPLC Assays and Impurity Profiles for Product Development; Process Qualification; Pivotal & Validation Studies (Also Dissolution & Uniformity of Content Assays - in HPLC, GC & UV as required) - Up to 10 new assays added each month
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A-255-2015 Diphenyhdramine + Phenylpropolamine   REVIEW
A-260-2015 Diphenyhdramine + Phenylpropolamine + Paracetamol   REVIEW
A-265-2015 Disopyramide   REVIEW
A-270-2015 Dorzolamide   REVIEW
A-275-2015 Doxazonsin mesylate   REVIEW
A-280-2015 Etodolic Acid/Etodolac (200,300,400 & 500 IR Tablets)   REVIEW
A-285-2015 Erdosteine   REVIEW
A-290-2015 Erythrocin in solid bases   REVIEW
A-295-2015 Erythromycin 250 + 500mg Tablets   REVIEW
A-300-2015 Etodolac ER 500, 600mg Tabs)   REVIEW
A-305-2015 Famoditine 10 20 + 40 mg Tablets   REVIEW
A-310-2015 Ferrous Gluconate Dihydrate (Atomic Absorption)   REVIEW
A-315-2015 Ferrous fumarate + Folic Acid   REVIEW
A-320-2015 Felodipine ER Tablets   REVIEW
A-325-2015 Fluconazole Capsules   REVIEW
A-330-2015 Fluconazole   REVIEW
A-335-2015 Fluvoxamine Capsules   REVIEW
A-340-2015 Fluocinolone acetonide (creams)   REVIEW
A-345-2015 Fluoxetine HCl 20, 40mg Capsules/Tablets   REVIEW
A-350-2015 Flurazepam Capsules   REVIEW
A-355-2015 Folic Acid   REVIEW
A-360-2015 FSH   REVIEW
A-365-2015 Furosemide 40mg Capsules/Tablets   REVIEW
A-370-2015 Fusidic acid   REVIEW
A-375-2015 Gabapentin (100/200/300/400mg) Capsules   REVIEW
A-380-2015 Gemfibrosal 600mg Tablets   REVIEW
A-385-2015 Glypizide 2,5, 5 10mg Tablets   REVIEW
A-390-2015 Glucosamine Tablets   REVIEW
A-395-2015 Granisetron HCl [ampules]   REVIEW
A-400-2015 Guaiphenesin   REVIEW
A-405-2015 Hydrocortizone/Benzocain/Allentoin   REVIEW
A-410-2015 Ibuprofen 200, 400 + 800mg Tablets/Caplets   REVIEW
A-415-2015 Indomethacin in Supp/Cap   REVIEW
A-420-2015 Indigotine TLC ID   REVIEW
A-425-2015 Iron oxide in Gelatin Caps   REVIEW
A-430-2015 Isosorbide 5-mononitrate in 10-40 mg tabs   REVIEW
A-435-2015 Isosorbide Dinitrate   REVIEW
A-440-2015 Hydrocortizone/Benzocaine/Allantoin - semisolids   REVIEW
A-445-2015 Indomethasin in capsules   REVIEW
A-447-2015 Ofloxacin (100/200/400mg Tablets)   REVIEW
A-450-2015 Omeprozole   REVIEW
A-455-2015 Oxaprozin 600mg Tablets   REVIEW
A-460-2015 Oxazepam Tablets   REVIEW
A-465-2015 Ketoprofen   REVIEW
A-470-2015 Ketorolac tromethamine 10 mg Tablets   REVIEW
A-475-2015 Lactulose   REVIEW
A-480-2015 Levodopa + Bensarazide 200/57mg   REVIEW
A-485-2015 Malathion (in Shampoo)   REVIEW
A-490-2015 Meclofenamic acid   REVIEW
A-495-2015 Medroxyprogesterone   REVIEW
A-500-2015 Mefenamic acid   REVIEW
A-505-2015 Mesalamine   REVIEW
A-510-2015 Metformin HCl 500, 850mg Tablets   REVIEW
A-515-2015 Methyl and carbidopa in tablets   REVIEW
A-520-2015 Metoprolol Tartrate   REVIEW
A-525-2015 Miconazole Nitrate in creams   REVIEW
A-530-2015 Muclobemide   REVIEW
A-535-2015 Mupirocin - (2% ointment)   REVIEW
A-540-2015 Nabumetone 500 + 750mg Tablets   REVIEW

New assays added each month

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