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Int. Journal of Food & Wine cGMP
USA Edition

Locum International Press.
Each Volume - Eight issues per year.

The International Journal of Food & Wine cGMP - US Edition is targeted to the US geographic zones (Firms who require to understand current US GMP). The US edition issues targets wine and champagne development formulation, production and control. Raw material and bottle GMP and QA are extensively covered.

When the health authorities knock on your door for a GMP/Safety inspection - you will be glad you subscribed to International Journal of Food & Wine cGMP. Learn about the problems and prospects in the regulatory environment, tips and traps, legal precedents, case studies, raw material and bottle and closure controls and receive practical advise on compliance from top industry experts.

The journal
publishes peer reviewed articles, reviews and research papers on all aspects of Food & Wine cGMP. Emphasis is places on current Good Development, Validation, Manufacture, Laboratory and Documentation Practices.

The US special edition Journal highlights cGMP exposure of the Wine Industry with special reference to the quality control of wines, champagnes and the Method Cap Classique production QA and QC. Similar concepts are valid for the European and Asian editions.

All aspects of pharmaceutical Good Practices covering practical hands-on nuts-and- bolts issues that vary across the full GMP spectrum, including wine bottle, manufacture, Hot-end technology, Fluoride treatment 152A, QC controls, global anti-bloom techniques, wine formulation, yeast fermentation, in-situ bottle fermentation, riddling and factors affecting riddling, yeast fermentation scale-up, formulation fine-tuning, CO2 controls, analytical testing, cleaning and process validation necessary for the entire wine/champagne manufacture and control process to meet the required expectations.

The overall objective in cGMP is to maintain the current product profile in the market place avoiding warning letters and negative site inspections.
The Journal attempts to clarify and simplify laboratory, manufacturing and control GMP, GLP, GDP, GVP and GRP issues to achieve this crucial objective.

Who is Journal for:-
Essential reference for Food Manufacturers, Wine and Champagne makers, Container Glass and closure Manufacturers, Food Inspectors, Government Agencies, Universities and technicons as well as legal consultants in the food, wine and champagne industry.

80 pp
ills. in b/w & color
Availability to IAGIM association members on CD and Online in PDF
$1699.00 - CD Edition (private individuals/students)
$1799.00 - CD (research units / Univ. worldwide)
$1999.00 - Print & CD (for multinational corporate and library use - maximizes corporate distribution and readership)


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