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Journal Volume and Year
Vol. 14 - 2014
Vol 15 - 2015
Vol 16 - 2016
Vol 17 - 2017
Vol 18 - 2018
Vol 19 - 2019
Vol 20 - 2020

Int. Journal of Drug Development
EURO Edition

Locum International Press
Each volume contains eight issues per year

The International Journal of Drug Development
Designed for pharmaceutical researchers in the NDA CMC (chemistry manufacture control) and drug development sectors including detailed aspects of NDA and ANDA (bio/pivotal) and commercial validation batch manufacture. Reviews key CMC pre-formulation, formula, processes and drug product specifications and parameters.

A forward looking peer reviewed journal that is relevant from the bench to the boardroom. An authoritative tool that addresses the most up-to-date developments in CMC technology.

An essential first read for drug development chemists and scientists working in CMC arena of NDAs and ANDAs. An excellent source of know-how information on the nuts-and-bolts of today's drug development pipeline.

Regulatory know-how
Key know-how on CDER and OGDs expectations of the bio/pivotal batch manufacture highlighting side-by-side batch comparisons between bio/pivotal regulatory batch lots and commercial validation batches.

Full coverage
A comprehensive new forum filled with essential drug development data associated with CMC and on Generic Drug Development, manufacture, quality assurance and control.

Each issue targets a specific dosage form detailing developmental and scale-up topics. Each Journal issue contains material dedicated to the review of a specific dosage form and specific development and scale-up topics.

This Journal features drug development articles, technical reviews, procedural checklists, SOPs and Side-by-Side specification comparisons of all major dosage form parameters ranging from A (actives) to V (validation).

A primary source journal to fill the ever changing information gap for CMC and Generic Drug Development. The Journal highlights a multidisciplinary approach between all key development and production departments.

80 - 95 pp illustrated b/w & color

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