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Vol. 14 - 2014
Vol 15 - 2015
Vol 16 - 2016
Vol 17 - 2017
Vol 18 - 2018
Vol 19 - 2019
Vol 20 - 2020


Int. Journal of Drug cGMP
USA Edition : EU Edition : PR Edition

Locum International Press
Issues #1 - # 8
Eight issues /year

The International Journal of Drug cGMP is available in three geographic zones (US ; EU and Pacific Rim).
The journal
publishes articles, reviews and papers on all aspects on both Generic and Innovative Drug cGMP issues. Emphasis is places on current Good Clinical, Development, Validation, Manufacture, Laboratory, Analytical and Documentation Practices.

The US Journal highlights GMP exposure of the Drug Industry with special reference to the on-time development of NDA and ANDA submissions. Similar cGMP concepts are valid for the EU and Pacific Rim editions.

All aspects of pharmaceutical Good Practices covering practical hands-on nuts-and-bolts issues that vary across the full manufacturing spectrum, including drug excipients, formulations and processes, scale-up, analytical, cleaning and process validation necessary for the entire drug manufacture and control process to meet the agencies expectations.

The overall objective in cGMP is to maintain the current drug profile in the market place avoiding warning letters and negative PAI inspections.
The Journal attempts to clarify and simplify laboratory, manufacturing and control GMP, GLP GDP GVP and GRP issues to achieve this crucial objective.

80 - 95 pp illustrated b/w & color
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