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Int. Journal of Generic Drugs
All Edition - Special Features

Locum International Press

Issues Numbers 1 - 8
Each volume contains eight issues per year.

The International Journal of Generic Drugs articles reviews and papers explores data needed to support the ANDA including preformulation; drug development; granule sampling; bioequivalence data; specific container closure aspects, and manufacturing techniques; Quality Control; Quality Assurance; new year 2000 developed analytical assay and impurity methodology; pharmaceutical stability issues in conjunction with regulatory requirements and complete model Abbreviated New Drug Applications.

The Journal publishes Drugs-Off-Patent Special Reports up to the year 2017 and holds updated lists and evaluation reports of Waxman/Gatt Patent / Exclusivity Extensions for the coming 17 years.

The Journal reviews issues that impact on all pivotal aspects of drug approval system with specific details for ANDA/AADAs NDAs and EU Dossiers and international perspectives of regulatory affairs. Features unique, authoritative side-by-side comparisons, summaries and development drug checklists as a Journal specialty.

The International Journal of Generic Drugs provides a free exchange of scientific knowledge while promoting the generic and innovative pharmaceutical sciences.

Selected papers, articles and reviews may be compiled by the publishers and incorporated after editing into the 24 volume authoritative Handbooks of Pharmaceutical Drug Development series with each volume, (updated twice annually), targeting in full detail a specific dosage form.

Reviews and papers are refereed, while scientific correspondence is subject to editorial oversight. Contributions to this Journal are published free of charge. The Journal is printed on acid-free paper meeting ISO 9706, SFS 1083 and Nordic Environmental Standards of Certification.

80 - 95 pp illustrated b/w & color
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